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VELO Networks is focused on Data Center and Cloud Services, while laying the path to become a leading Multimedia and Content Accelerator in Indonesia. Covering literally all aspects of your network, specially tailored to you needs.

Service :

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Server
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Application
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Private Cloud (Fully customized and highly secure)

VELO Data Centers are built with reliability and security in its best practices to support high-critical ICT operations. Spread over thriving business locations in Jakarta and Surabaya, the data centers are all equipped with world-class and certified data center supporting facilities.

Environment control, fire protection, security and network infrastructure are all designed, implemented and managed accordingly to globally-approved practices. Even further, despite its carrier-neutral characteristics, VELO Data Centers still enjoy the advantage of VELO Networks’ redundant fiber optics network to ensure availability and interconnectivity.

The facilities are also managed by certified professionals in their own respective expertise, from data center professionals. network professionals to specific-application professionals. They have been trained and regularly updated

Facilities :

  • World class data center facilities
  • Firewall & IPS Protection
  • Redundant Power Source
  • Backup UPS
  • Fire Protection Facilities
  • Redundant FO Interconnection
  • Environment Control