managed services1

Focus on Core Business

VELO Managed Service allow our clients to focus more on their core businesses, while VELO is Focused on supporting them with high-quality solutions and service in ICT operations.

Improved Visibility and Control

VELO Managed Services will take our clients to the new altitude with improved visibility and control over their ICT operations. One certainly cannot manage what one cannot measure. VELO Managed Service its quality of solutions into measurable reports for our clients to strategically improve their operations.

Improved Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) goes beyond the value of investments and operations. Have you considered costs derived due to problems, costs for using information services by non-IT departments, loss of opportunity due to delayed schedule? VELO Managed Services makes sure our clients operates on the most efficient TCO as possible. One last question, do you know how much is you loss, if your ICT operations stop operational for an hour, or for a day?




  • Managing network equipments within the client’s LAN and/ or WAN
  • Managing network policies and configuration within the client’s LAN and/ or WAN


  • Managing network security by securing the network with firewalls and IPS
  • Managing network security by securing end users from common threats
  • Managing network security by securing mail traffic from potential threats i.e.: spam, viruses, malware, etc.


  • Providing and managing end-user terminals
  • Providing basic anti-threat security to end users


Providing infrastructure, deployment and continuous support for the corresponding hosted applications :

  • ERP Applications (SAP, Oracle, Etc)
  • Financial application (Sun System)
  • Mobile Enterprise Access Application
  • Others


  • Providing SIP-based IP-PBX solution, hosted at VELO Data Center, or installed in client’s premises
  • Providing maintenance and support services for the IP – PBX solutions


  • Backup Management System
  • Recovery on Demand service
  • Virtual Co-Location