VELO Networks provides end-to-end scope of service that covers the whole stages from designing and planning, the stage of implementation and deployment, to the stage of daily operations with our Managed Services.

The Design and Planning stage comprises of intensive consultation and discussion with clients, while VELO pouring the vision of clients into a design that converges functionality, practicality and profitability.  This particular stage takes into account important aspects such as proper sizing, compatibility to future development, and smart-deployment planning.

The smart-deployment planning is closely tight to the next stage of Integration and Implementation.   Smart deployment includes proper planning that may divide the whole deployment stage into several stages, without jeopardizing the functionality and practicality of the whole system. 

VELO Networks is all about end-to-end solutions, and the previous stage of Integration and Implementation is not the end of VELO’s responsibilities toward clients.  The stage of Managed Services is the stage that truly separates VELO Networks from the others in the industry.  In this particular stage, VELO Networks is responsible for ensuring the installed system to be always fully functional, and delivering top-notch performance as required, and as expected.  Despite the variety of Managed Services that clients may ask VELO Networks to be engaged in, the most important benefits of Managed Services are the values of prevention, maintenance and continuous development.

Managed Services


ü  24x7x365 Stand-by Support

ü  Configuration Management

ü  Fault Management


Design & Planning


ü  Cost Analysis & Industry Benchmark

ü  Effective Design & Sizing

ü  Adaptive to Technology



Implementation & Integration


ü  Project Management

ü  Smart Development

ü  Seamless Integration & Compatibility for Further Development




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